Drivers Currently Available for Download
IS-AD-S6 & IS-AD-S8 Driver

Download - Windows 7 (6.36MB Zip)
  IS-CAB-UP Driver

Download - (97KB Zip)
IS-AD-SATA Drivers

Download - Linux (6.5MB Zip)
Download - Windows (12MB Zip)
  IS-AD-UF FireWire & USB PCI Card Drivers

Download - (15MB Zip)
IS-CE269 Notebook Drivers (zip)

Download - Chipset - (7.41mb Zip)
Download - VGA - (7.04mb Zip)
Download - Audio - (13.7mb Zip)
Download - LAN - (4.31mb Zip)
Download - WLAN - (4.89mb Zip)
Download - Card Reader - (6.12mb Zip)
Download - Hotkey - (286KB Zip)
  IS-PC1 & IS-PC2

Download - Driver Update - (7.3mb Zip)
iSonic IS-W002 USB V2.0 Webcam

Download - XP 8.0MP Driver - (9.2MB RAR)
Download - Vista/7 8.0MP Driver - (8.4MB Zip)

Download - Parallel Port Fix - (5.3MB RAR)
IS-BUD208 USB Bluetooth V2.0 Adaptor

Download - (25mb zip file)
  IS-GPAD1/2 Gamepad Driver

Download - (2mb zip file)
IS-P7130F Stereo TV Tuner with FM Radio

Download - XP (5.9MB zip file)
Download - Win 7 32bit/64bit (754KB zip file)
  IS-MP405 2.5" SATA Multimedia Player

Download - (2.2MB Zip)
IS-P7130 Stereo TV Tuner

Download - XP (5.9MB zip file)
Download - Win 7 32bit/64bit (754KB zip file)
  IS-KM222 Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Download - (1.2MB Zip)

Download - XP Driver - (6.8MB Zip)
Download - XP SP3 Driver - (12MB RAR)
Download - Software Application - (24MB Zip)
  IS-W001B Bulk Package Webcam

Download - (10MB Zip)
IS-MP2522 WiFi Multimedia Player

Download - WiFi Application - (46MB RAR file)
Download - WiFi Application Manual PDF (3.9MB RAR file)
  IS-W001 USB Webcam with MIC

Download - XP Drivers - (8.5MB Zip)
Download - Vista Drivers - (7.1MB RAR)
Please note these drivers are for personal use and may not be resold in any way shape or form. Drivers used at own risk.
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